Sugarhouse Studio


Each spring, approximately 750 Maple trees across our 50-acres are drilled and tapped by hand.


As the temperatures begin to rise in the spring, the clear liquid sap begins to flow. Raw sap runs through a matrix of collection lines into an 800L holding tank. The lines must be monitored closely for fallen trees and brush that could prevent the sap from flowing freely. Wildlife also enjoy the taste of the sweet sap and will try to eat their way through the lines.


The sap is pumped through a series of filters, a UV light purifier and a Reverse Osmosis system to disinfect and purify the raw sap. During this process, any impurities are removed from the sap and the water content is reduced slightly to help shorten the required evaporation times.


The sap passes through a series of evaporation trays that are boiled by a flame that ultimately increases sugar concentrations of the sap. Ash wood is used to keep a consistent fire burning and during full production, wood must be added every seven minutes. It takes about 40 gallons of raw sap to produce one gallon of our delicious maple syrup!

The Final Product

The refined sap, now known as syrup, has a sugar content of about 66%, is amber in colour and is ready to enjoy! The finished syrup is collected in a bottling tank and each bottle is manually filled and labelled.